California King Bed

Californiakingbed faced a decline in their Keywords Positions. Content was not indexing, lot of 404 errors, and poor backlinks. SEO work


Californiakingbed, Product and affiliate review content website. Their once-vibrant market presence was fading, keywrds rank dropped, engagement was dropping, and so was their Google Visibility. 


Our mission was clear: We advised to revamp their website design, as they did, Fix their content with proper keywords, optimzied their medias, Improve their Domain DR & DA metrics, build backlinks for their focused keywords. 

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After our comprehensive SEO audit, analyzing CaliforniaKingBed keywords position, Fixed their basic on-page issues, Improved their DA & DR metrics, and Builk backlinks for their main keywords. It helped the pages to move up in Google and Keywords showed positive imacact on their ranks.  Below are our notable acheivements. 


Increase in organic traffic


Page One Keywords


Increase in Google 3-pack visibility

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