Eghogenics is a new website, they didnt have any backlinks, pages indexed, or keywords in top 10. 


Problem, is a Online shop that sell CBG Oil and other healthy products . It was very new website, so they want to grow fast in this new market. They had few competition and focus on Organic Growth. 


Our mission was clear: As a new website, there is no blog content, pages with keywords. So we want to start with adding high aurality blog contents, Keywords research and optimize the product pages, index product pages, and build backlinks to their brand & product keywords. 


With RankUp SEO service, we published 15 longform content that focus on their product benefits, how to guides, and user value contents, then we optimized the product pages with right keywords, Boosted their domain DA /DR metrics, and built high quality backlinks on their brand and product keywords. 


New Keywords Ranked in top 20


Increase in Product Impression in Google


New Orders in First Month

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