ACE Moving Co

ACE Moving Co. faced a decline in their Keywords Positions. Our task was to SEO Audit the website, Fix errors, and Optimize for better Ranking.

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ACE Moving Co, Bay Area based Ace Moving provides reliable local and long distance moving services and full service storage. Their once-vibrant market presence was fading, keywrds rank dropped, engagement was dropping, and so was their brand’s impact. 


Our mission was clear: To inject new life into ACE Moving Co’s Pages and Boost its visibility in Google. We aimed to not only recover lost keywords rank but to propel ACE Moving Co to new heights of Visibility and engagment.


After our comprehensive SEO audit, analyzing ACE’s keywords position, we fixed Indexing issues, and Google Search Console 404 errors, Pages redirect problems. It helped the pages to move up in Google and Keywords showed positive imacact on their ranks.  Below are our notable acheivements. 


Pages indexed after our Work


Keywords Moved Upwords


increase in Google 3-pack visibility

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