Types of Link Building Strategies That Works Well In 2024 [After HCU Update]

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In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, backlinks remain a crucial factor for improving a website’s search engine ranking. With Google’s constant algorithm updates, it’s essential to stay informed about the types of Link building strategies that work effectively in 2024.

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This comprehensive guide will delve into the various backlink strategies that are not only relevant but also comply with Google’s latest Helpful Content Update.

By understanding and implementing these strategies, you can enhance your website’s authority, visibility, and overall SEO performance.

Whats is Google Helpful Conetnt Update?

Google’s “Helpful Content Update” is a search algorithm update aimed at prioritizing content that provides a satisfying experience to users, emphasizing the value of high-quality, user-focused content over content designed primarily for search engine ranking.

This update targets pages that seem to have been created more for ranking in search engines than for helping users, often referred to as “search-engine-first” content.

Key aspects of the Helpful Content Update include:

  • Promoting Useful Content: The update seeks to reward content that offers comprehensive, insightful information tailored to benefit readers. It aims to ensure that users find genuinely helpful content that answers their queries and needs.
  • Penalizing Low-Quality Content: Sites with a high volume of content that’s not useful to searchers, especially those that seem to be crafted more for ranking rather than providing value to users, might see a decline in their search visibility.
  • Focus on User Experience: The update encourages creators to produce content with a focus on what’s informative and helpful for their audience, rather than what they think might rank well in search engines.
  • Ongoing Evaluation: The Helpful Content Update is not a one-time event but part of an ongoing effort by Google to improve search quality. It operates in real-time, continually reassessing content.

To benefit from this update or avoid negative impacts, content creators are advised to focus on creating user-centric content that adds unique value, answers questions thoroughly, and enhances the user’s knowledge or experience in a meaningful way.

Types of Link Building Strategies That Work in 2024

type of link building

1. Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are links that are naturally earned from other websites when they find your content valuable and relevant. These links are considered the most valuable by search engines because they are based on merit. One of the best types of link building steps you can start with.

To acquire editorial backlinks, focus on creating high-quality, informative content that other websites would want to reference or cite.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting involves writing and publishing content on another website within your industry or niche. By including a backlink to your website within the guest post, you can drive referral traffic and improve your site’s SEO performance.

When guest posting, ensure that the websites you collaborate with are reputable and relevant to your own niche.

3. Resource Links

Resource links are backlinks that come from websites looking to provide additional value to their audience by linking to helpful resources. You can earn resource links by creating comprehensive guides, whitepapers, or tools within your industry that other websites find valuable enough to link to.

Focus on creating unique and informative resources that stand out from the competition.

4. Social Profile Backlinks

While social profile backlinks may not directly impact your website’s SEO ranking, they play a role in establishing your online presence and credibility. Make sure to include links to your website in your social media profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

These backlinks can drive referral traffic and enhance brand visibility.

5. Press Release Backlinks

Press release backlinks are acquired by distributing newsworthy content through press release distribution services. When picked up by media outlets or industry publications, these press releases can generate backlinks to your website.

Ensure that your press releases contain valuable information and are distributed through reputable channels to maximize the impact of these backlinks.

Best Practices for Acquiring Quality Backlinks

type of link building strategies

1. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Instead of pursuing a high volume of backlinks from low-quality websites, prioritize acquiring backlinks from authoritative and relevant sites within your industry.

Quality backlinks carry more weight in boosting your website’s SEO performance.

2. Diversify Your Backlink Profile

To maintain a natural backlink profile, diversify the types of backlinks you acquire. Aim for a mix of editorial, guest posting, resource, and social profile backlinks to create a well-rounded link profile that appears organic to search engines.

3. Conduct Competitor Analysis

Study the backlink profiles of your top competitors to identify potential link-building opportunities. By analyzing their backlink sources, you can discover relevant websites willing to link to content similar to yours.

4. Monitor Your Backlink Profile

Regularly monitor your website’s backlink profile using tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. This allows you to identify any toxic or spammy backlinks pointing to your site and take necessary action to disavow them.

5. Stay Updated on SEO Trends

Keep abreast of the latest SEO trends and Google algorithm updates to adjust your backlink building strategies accordingly. By staying informed, you can adapt to changes in the SEO landscape and maintain a competitive edge.

Monitoring Backlink Performance and ROI

Tracking the performance of your backlink building efforts is essential to measure their impact on your website’s SEO performance. Utilize tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor referral traffic from backlinks, track keyword rankings, and assess improvements in organic search visibility.


In conclusion, building a strong backlink profile is paramount to enhancing your website’s SEO performance in 2024. By focusing on acquiring high-quality backlinks through ethical and effective strategies, you can improve your website’s authority, visibility, and search engine rankings over time.

Stay informed about the latest SEO trends, avoid common backlink building mistakes, and monitor the performance of your backlink efforts to achieve sustainable success in the competitive online landscape.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a robust backlink profile. Patience, persistence, and a commitment to quality will ultimately yield long-term benefits for your website’s SEO strategy in the years to come.

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